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Blood Moons and Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy

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Chaplain Ray Snoddy
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Carl Gallups
Kirk Hartness
Do you need physical healing?  We believe that God wants everyone to be healed and that as Christians we have the authority to command healing in the mighty name of Jesus.  Call Navy Chaplain Ray Snoddy, a certified JGLM Divine Healing Technician, to pray for your healing at 619-764-9267.   You don't need to believe that God will heal you, Ray has all the faith that is required for you to be healed in the name of Jesus!  Donations are NOT accepted.

Pastor Paul Begley - best online preacher - he's funny and he's serious!
Be sure to visit his awesome website!  Get saved today!  Seriously!  Some days there are over 5,000 salvations online!

Renee Moses - great videos on possible Rapture and end-times timeline.

Rapture Puzzle Book by Renee Moses

Mass animal, bird, fish deaths since 2011   Hosea 4

Perry Stone, Bill Salus, Jonathan Cahn, Mark Blitz on TBN

Carl Gallups on "No Third Temple in Bible Prophecy"

What in the World Was God Thinking? great new book by Kirk Hartness